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Why the C-Suite Plans To Increase Tech Budgets in 2023

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There is a lot of buzz around emerging technology being a tool to combat a recession. While budgets are tightening and business leaders are finding way to reduce or streamline costs, there's one area that may actually see budgets increase. According to IDC, 59% of CEOs believe a recession is coming, and most see technology as a way to combat unpredictability.

With the right influence and insight emerging technologies can be a way to improve business outcomes by focusing on customer experience, security, and cost reductions – even in a recession.

In this eBook learn to:
  • Optimize a growing budget in a shrinking economy.
  • Reprioritize your technology initiatives.
  • Build your "Digital Dream Team" in the era of Digital Business.
Download our eBook and learn how to refocus your business priorities and improve your digital readiness.