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Create a C-Suite Digital Dream Team and Deliver a Sustainable Digital-First Business Model 

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Download The CEO Tech Agenda in a Digital-First World

2022 is a year of reinvention. Business priorities, investment focus, the role of tech leadership, and vendor selection are all being examined through a digital-first lens.

95% of CEOs are pursuing a digital-first strategy.

The digital business era is here. CEOs are reinvigorated and eager to thrive in the digital-first world. IDC has identified and outlined 10 Strategic Imperatives CEOs can implement to drive growth in 2022 and beyond.

IDC's eBook will guide you in:

  • Creating new sources of value through digital services
  • Building out your digital strategy
  • Becoming a 'tech CEO' with a new digital-first business model

With IDC's eBook, learn why a digital-first strategy is required to shift from digitally transforming to running a sustainable digital business. Get your copy today.