Learn What the Future of Intelligence Looks Like for Your Organization

As the digital economy represents an ever-growing portion of the GDP, more and more business leaders are showcasing their commitment to the future of intelligence by highlighting investments in artificial intelligence, business intelligence, content intelligence, data intelligence as well as knowledge management, content management and data management. Topics that were previously left for the CIO are being surfaced in quarterly earning calls and are influencing brand value and market capitalizations.

As a result, enterprises are redefining what it means and what it takes to compete and to succeed based on better intelligence. Many are recognizing that as AI-based automation – enabled by more data and better models – increases, the cost of prediction or inferencing will fall. With that, the value of judgement will increase. However, judgment as a skill of a handful of human experts can't become the new bottleneck. Thus, future of intelligence must encompass reskilling many more people to ensure improved judgement ability by more individuals.