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Unique Solutions Built Exclusively for Growing Tech Vendors

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Growing a business takes hard work and dedication. Up-and-coming technology vendors often lack resources at the beginning of their growth journey.

Are you struggling to create market awareness in a short timeframe? Is refining your messaging a challenge? Do you want to get insights into your competitors and grow your market?

International Data Corporation (IDC) offers unique solutions for emerging vendors facing challenges when the budgets and employee resources are limited. Designed for the needs of emerging vendors experiencing accelerated growth in the range of $10 million – $500 million in revenue, this is the solution for any tech vendor looking to accelerate growth.

The time to act is today. Let us help you take the steps necessary to accelerate your growth. Take a step towards conquering your challenges and fill in the form now.

About IDC

IDC, recently voted Analyst Firm of the Year for the third consecutive time, has helped growing technology vendors understand their competitive landscape, target key audiences, and develop strategies to help accelerate growth for nearly 60 years. Our 1,300 analysts and proprietary data can help you achieve your goals.

What our Customers are saying:

I think the Accelerator Program is brilliant. It’s coming at a good time for tech startups. It gives tech startups a leg up against the competition, especially in the volatile world we live in. Tech startups can’t do it alone.

David Hopp

Sr. Analyst Relations Manager

The social tile is fantastic because we get to use the IDC brand. Most people in information technology understand the role and the strength of IDC, and we got to piggyback on the brand.

Barry McArthur

Director of Market Intelligence and Insights