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Focus on Competence, Integrity, and Delivering Greater Value Parity to Inspire Trust with Customers

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Download Cultivating Mutual Trust with Sentiment Measurement in the Future of Customers and Consumers

Today's customers want a more trusting, empathetic relationship with the brands they interact with. Engaging with customers in a contextual manner based on understanding the customer's emotional state strengthens the relationship between consumer and brand. Knowing how a customer feels about the brand and engaging in accordance with those emotions is crucial for an enterprise to establish trust and increase customer advocacy.

In this White Paper you will:

  • Define sentiment measurement 
  • Learn four key elements that help enterprises understand and measure customer sentiment
  • Form actionable steps to understand your customers using the six drivers of sentiment measurement

IDC has created a framework to detect and measure the emotional dimensions of customer sentiment. Download your white paper today for success in the Future of Customers and Consumers.