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GenAI in Canada: A Deep-Dive

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The technology industry stands at a seminal moment with the introduction of generative AI (GenAI). Never before have we witnessed a technology garner such robust executive backing, promising extensive business benefits, and experiencing such swift global adoption. In less than a year, GenAI has captivated the attention, sparked the imagination, and raised the concerns of technology and business leaders worldwide.

Canada is no exception. The rapid adoption of GenAI in the country is truly remarkable. Businesses of all sizes, from medium to large enterprises, are actively exploring and investing in GenAI use cases. In just a few short months, the GenAI adoption rate has surged, marking an unprecedented shift in the technology landscape.

In this eBook, we will take a deep dive into the outcomes of IDC's survey on GenAI adoption in Canada. You'll gain valuable insights into the current landscape, the driving forces behind this rapid adoption, and what it all means for Canadian tech vendors like you.

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Dave Bridges

Project Manger

The proportion of GenAI investors has jumped from 5% in Q1 2023 to 40% in Q3, an unheard-of velocity so far.

IDC Canada, 2023, IT Advisory Panel