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How The Current Market Offers New And Exciting Ways To Help CIOs

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IT labor shortages is an age-old problem for the IT sector but has possibly never been worse than it is now. When 50% of IT workers want more innovation in their jobs, it's clear that having an optimal budget alone isn't enough to keep IT workers. Understanding how your IT organization is performing is crucial to winning the battle. 

Benchmarking will help you assess how your organization is doing, by providing a clear picture of where you stand and identifying areas for improvement.

You'll get guidance on:
  • How to get the budget that you realistically need
  • How to optimize the use of your current talent
  • When to consider outsourcing as a feasible option

What Our Customers Are Saying

A Healthcare Institution Determined The Financial Feasibility Of An Outsourced Model. Transitioning to a fully outsourced scenario would improve IT quality but would raise IT costs significantly.

A Commercial Bank Better Manages Its IT Organization From Benchmarking Insight. IDC Metri's research report provided an objective picture of the structure and market conformity of internal IT costs which helps the bank to better manage IT.