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30% of cost inefficiencies are found in IT organizations

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IT leaders have never been as challenged as they are now to demonstrate value to the business and validate their budgets while contending with great turbulence in the world today. Many IT leaders are forced to reorganize their list of top concerns. In this uncertain time, changing your relationship with technology investments and the business is critical to drive change.

Benchmarking the cost efficiencies of your internal organizations against your peers allows you to improve your technology cost and performance delivery, and validate value to the business.

In this eBook you will learn the Top 3 Reasons Your IT Department Struggles including:
  • Your business stakeholders don't understand what they're paying for
  • Your IT teams are not doing what they should be doing
  • You are understaffed

What our Customers Are Saying

A Healthcare Institution Determined The Financial Feasibility Of An Outsourced Model. Transitioning to a fully outsourced scenario would improve IT quality but would raise IT costs significantly.

A Commercial Bank Better Manages Its IT Organization From Benchmarking Insight. IDC Metri's research report provided an objective picture of the structure and market conformity of internal IT costs which helps the bank to better manage IT.