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In today’s business world, the pandemic is news from yesterday, but its impact has proven that industries thrive in the most challenging times with a scalable pivot. As we pave the path towards the next normal for the events industry, opening the conference doors again won’t be enough. Delegates now expect an experience delivered more than they used to. This is where IDC Arena comes in: SIMPLIFIED & PEOPLE-DRIVEN EXPERIENCE.

IDC Arena is inspired by a best-in-class platform that allows users to watch tech content, live or on-demand. It gives users the choice to consume thought leadership content, whenever and wherever they want.

Our C-Level community of 121, 000 subscribers and growing is waiting for your message. Let’s collaborate in delivering your content to the right audience.

Contact us now to download the IDC Arena Capabilities Brochure and host your next game-changing virtual client engagement conversations with IDC.

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