Video - IDC's Future Consumer 

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Digital transformation is happening across the consumer ecosystem, creating more and deeper relationships with consumers and sending disruptive ripples up the supply chain. Every business, even enterprise-focused ones, must better understand consumers' wants, needs, and aspirations – directly or indirectly they will be customers.

Unlike traditional consumer research, IDC’s approach is more holistic, leveraging a shared framework focused on eight consumer segments and providing clients with access to three new research services:

  • Consumer Pulse Service – Includes quarterly surveys of consumers in seven countries.
  • Consumer Market Model – Offers a massive data set across the world – 7 regions in 51 countries – and leverages both proprietary IDC data and external sources to create a wide range of forecasts.
  • Future Consumer Agenda – Provides thought leadership research that leverages data from the consumer pulse and CMM to identify future trends to help companies, non-governmental organizations, and governments plan.
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