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Meeting the GenAI Customer Challenge

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Converting GenAI’s potential into use cases that generate business value requires a clear-eyed understanding of current limitations and challenges. GenAI technology is powerful, but it is not fully mature and presents opportunities for misuse. Organizations that do not build safeguards to mitigate risks and prevent misuse will stumble as they try to implement programs and generate business value.

IDC's leading-edge expertise and insight into GenAI trends, opportunities, requirements, and challenges help tech suppliers elevate conversations and better engage with tech buyer customers.

IDC provides expert guidance on: 

  • Competitive insights
  • Leading GenAI enterprise use cases
  • Best practices for deploying GenAI
  • How GenAI applications accelerate business transformation and drive new business value
  • New rules and requirements for build-buy-partner-acquire decisions for GenAI
  • Pricing dynamics for monetizing GenAI capabilities
  • Customized solutions to fit your organization's unique requirements
Contact us today to learn how IDC helps tech suppliers create successful GenAI customer strategies.

The IDC Difference

I’ve worked with a lot of industry analysts, and I think one thing that helps IDC differentiate itself from others is the value IDC places on the client relationship to ensure we achieve our overall program goals.
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Global Cybersecurity Vendor

We’re a mature company and in some ways, we really understand our market. Now we need to understand where we‘re going to take our platform. What should we be building, who should we be selling to, who should we be partnering with? This is where we use help from IDC.

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