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Meeting the GenAI Customer Challenge

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As AI transitions from an emerging software segment to a critical technology at the heart of a new era of computing, businesses must adapt to stay competitive.

Why Partner With IDC?

  • Comprehensive Framework: We provide a detailed roadmap to guide business leaders on their GenAI journey, highlighting key activities and programs for success.
  • Competitive Insights: Gain a clear understanding of GenAI’s potential, current limitations, and challenges.
  • Core Technologies: Explore foundational GenAI models and capabilities, and understand how to leverage them effectively.
  • Practical Use Cases: Discover use cases tied to measurable business outcomes, driving transformation and new business value.
  • Best Practices: Learn best practices for deploying GenAI and ensuring secure and sustainable implementation.
  • Strategic Guidance: Navigate new rules for build-buy-partner-acquire decisions and pricing dynamics for monetizing GenAI.
  • Customized Solutions: Benefit from tailored solutions that fit your organization’s unique requirements.

GenAI is powerful but not fully mature, presenting both opportunities and risks. IDC's leading-edge expertise helps you navigate these challenges and implement effective safeguards. Contact us today to learn how IDC can help you create successful GenAI strategies and thrive in the Era of AI Everywhere.

The IDC Difference

I’ve worked with a lot of industry analysts, and I think one thing that helps IDC differentiate itself from others is the value IDC places on the client relationship to ensure we achieve our overall program goals.
IDC Customer Quote

Global Cybersecurity Vendor

We’re a mature company and in some ways, we really understand our market. Now we need to understand where we‘re going to take our platform. What should we be building, who should we be selling to, who should we be partnering with? This is where we use help from IDC.

SMB Vendor