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Is your Organization Still Focused on Product-Based Selling?

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Your customers want to talk about their business outcomes. They want to hear you tell them how your product is going to help meet their goals. If you're not having a value conversation today, you're not engaging with your customer like you might think you are. 

How are the Leaders Closing Business? 
Did you know that 70% of leading organizations stated that they need more quantified content showing how customers have realized positive business outcomes with their solutions? Industry leaders know that their Sales Reps must stop selling on features and functions,  or their pipeline health will deteriorate. 

Use this Checklist to: 
Learn how key teams (Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Value Management) should alter their strategies and the data-based tools they can invest in to start communicating value. 

Download Optimizing Customer Value: Best Practices to learn how to start value selling today.