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Your Compass for Navigating Beyond Tech Trends 

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This guide, resistant to passing fads, acts as your compass through the dynamic tech market, offering a reliable approach to tackle the challenges posed by expanding buying centers and the increasing number of decision-makers.

In this guide you will learn:
  • The pillars of a resilient B2B marketing strategy
  • How to adapt to market turbulence
  • How to navigate growing buying centers
  • The importance of understanding B2B buyer personas and their decision-making processes
In a landscape characterized by fleeting trends and expanding decision-making units, this anti-trend guide equips B2B tech marketers with the tools to build enduring strategies.

"B2B marketing in today’s constantly changing world requires a new framework to not only survive but thrive."

Laurie Buczek

Vice President, CMO Advisory Practice, IDC

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Dave Bridges

Project Manger